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Bespok3 launches the environmental Initiative – SYMBIO INDUSTRIES.

Plastic within the environment is sadly becoming the new norm as it stares us directly in the face every day. The sources of single-use plastic waste are becoming harder to deny as old shopping bags blow down the street whilst remnants of a take-away lunches are left behind in the gutter. Unfortunately, 130, 000 tonnes of this plastic will evidently wash into our waterways, spilling into our ocean.

Single use plastic has easily become one of the fastest and most destructive sources that we humans have delivered to this planet. This is not hard to imagine when the average Australian uses approximately 130kg of plastic a year, with unfortunately only 12% of this number being recycled.

Undeniably, through our events we have witnessed the mass wastage and disposable of single-use plastics that occurs… we would be lying if said we didn’t. Sadly, takeaway food packaging, plastic water bottles and straws are some of the major contributors to plastic waste and the ‘throwaway’ culture that seems to be spreading far and wide. It is through this firsthand witnessing that coupled with our passion to help preserve our beautiful planet led us to the launching of our environmental initiative SYMBIO INDUSTRIES.

With around 40% of the plastics we use in our life being of single-use, our environmental initiative aim is to not only spread awareness on the impact of single use plastic in the environment but to instil the possibility that something can be done if we put some effort into it. If we all sit and do nothing, nothing will get done.

In saying this, we are not ones to illustrate a flaw without offering a creative solution where we can help. We have made it is our mission to provide biodegradable, sustainable and environmentally friendly food packaging to as many food vendors and businesses as we can during major events and every-day trade.

SYMBIO products are made from rapidly renewable materials, plant-based bioplastics and responsibly sourced paper in an effort to reduce our overconsumption of single use plastics, because together we can make a difference.

If you are interested in hearing more about our products or perhaps using them within your workplace or next event, then reach out to the team on hello@symbioindustries.com or 02 80767688.

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